Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Continuous Improvement Book

I did not manage to use my Christmas break to get a lot of work done on the book.

I tried, but there was much going on in our world (almost all good stuff) and I was unable to get the focused time I was hoping for.

You might be able to access a sample of the draft as of today. It is only a small bit of the book, but maybe enough to whet your appetite.

I hope to decide on the "early adopters" price soon, and finish up the initial set of illustrations (thereby getting rid of the ugly ascii art that appears in some places, and breaking up the expanse of text that appears in others). If you want, use the public page to suggest a price.

Thanks for waiting. I hope you'll find the result thought-provoking and useful.


  1. I hope that this book will help us in need

  2. I also would like it to help. If you are in need, send me an email and maybe I can send you a draft copy. I'm still not quite ready for first release.

  3. New to your blog. Look forward to browsing through your posts.