Thursday, January 10, 2013

Home IT Suggestions?

I put up a note in facebook and g+ about how I want my home IT reworked.

I've bought a new router that will help me with getting my wifi (used by family for non-work stuff including ROKU and other streaming video) separated from my work networking (netbook, macbook pro, printer, etc). I probably will have to run some cat5 through external walls to get this done, unless I can come up with some smarter solution. Helpful recommendations are appreciated.

I already have one wifi printer for family use. I want to get a wifi laser printer because ink is expensive. I might even try a color laser, but I don't know how those are with consumables. I know that monochrome laser is dead cheap to run.

I use darned few non-web apps. Almost all my mail, docs, notes, etc are in the cloud via google or EverNote or the like. This is necessary because we use linux, mac, and android devices around here. Everything has to be accessible.

But the fact that this is even possible, or that "home IT" is actually a non-eyebrow-raising phrase is incredibly cool. When I was 8, we never saw this coming. This is Star Trek, Lost In Space, and The Time Tunnel all wrapped up in one reality.

I'm interested in knowing how you would like your home IT to work. 
I'm particularly interested in what you have done as far as NAS and offline storage. We have a lot of digital photos I would hate to lose. I do have some online accounts, so we have some backup of some pix, but we have thousands to sort through to decide which ones we want to keep.