Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Agile2011 Day 2

A lot of today was spent in the Coaches' Corner, where several more convention-goers were served with expert advice.

I spent a chunk of my "alone time" today working on my "Agile Fundamental Apologetic" talk for Thursday (Fringe stage).  I hope to establish that if we weren't doing agile, we would have to do something very like it. I even got to pair on some of the slides, which was a great time.

Jeff was finalizing his Test Abstraction talk (based on our Agile In A Flash card), in which he showed some poorly-composed Fitnesse tests, and some much more well-composed, abstract versions of the same test. It was practical and useful. I think he opened testers' eyes to new possibilities, and that 7 minutes talk will have reverberations in many places.

After Jeff's talk was my own. Mine was titled "Will Pair Programming Ruin My Company?" in which I answered a few questions I've heard from managers over the years. Given how much controversy and resistance arise over this crucial practice, I think the talk was well-timed. It was also well-received. I had a great room, appreciative and inquisitive and thoughtful.

I also did a very small, personal session on my Agile Coaching Metaprocess.  Actually, it was a conversation with two people, one of which has heard it a million times already.  It wasn't a box office smash, but I've given the same talk with others through the week.

Quite a bit of time was spend in talks about consortiums, guilds, and interest groups. There are many great ideas bubbling under the surface of the Agile Alliance umbrella.  I spent the evening (late into the evening) having supper with an impressive group of agile luminaries. I know I was impressed.  We talked about providing programmers with an agile education.  Of course, as an Industrial Logic member this was of interest, but it has also been a long-term interest of mine as an agile coach. Thanks to Matt Barcomb for putting the evening together.