Monday, August 8, 2011

Agile2011 Day 1

This has been a very good day.  I was able to staff the Coaches' Corner and visit with other coaches when we weren't engaged with convention-goers.  I enjoy the interaction, though I'm admittedly an introvert.

Jeff Langr is here, and we were able to talk about many things and even promote the Agile In A Flash deck.  Three copies went to the live aid silent auction.

I was looking dapper in my blue Industrial Logic shirt and sharing the Agile love and coaching philosophy with people who were interested. We talked about measurement, e-learning, and raising self-coaching teams. We talked about business and busyness and listened to many stories.  I was also given a Lean Dog fuzzy hat, which I sometimes wore when I wasn't feeling to warm or was unconcerned about creating mental ambiguity about my situation.

This place is a who's who of object mentor alumni. All my old friends have new gigs and new ideas and it's wonderful to see them all.

The ice breaker is over, and I'm about to wander off to join some friends, but I wanted to mention to any attendees that I'm speaking tomorrow, a lightning talk on "will pair programming ruin my company." Teaser: it just might.

Good night to all.

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