Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Agile In A Flash - Bias toward testing

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I was surprised to find that Jeff and I have been talking so much about testing over at Agile In A Flash.

Jeff and I are quite emphatic about the importance of TDD and automated testing in general. Some of our most popular cards are about testing.  It shows our bias that a lot of the value of Agile methods are lived out in the elevation of testing to a first-class concern.

We always want to know that our code works. We never want to be in the dark about it. Quality should be a given in an agile project. Heck, quality should be king in any project. High-quality, low-functionality enables iterative and incremental development whether the team is agile or not.

We always want tests to set the goal for us.

While the blog (and deck) are not just about testing, testing holds a special place in our minds and hearts.

I guess it should not have been surprised at all.

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