Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What should the well-dressed virtualenv wear?

I'm back to hacking some python (fun stuff!) and have been noting some packages that every well-dressed virtualenv should have. I'm interested in knowing what you use, and for what.

Essential packages I can hardly live without:
  • bpython - because it's my favorite shell
  • sniffer - because CT is the bomb, and sniffer works on mac (autonose not so much)
  • mox - though I don't totally love it, I'm somewhat used to it now. May switch to something more context-manager-like.
Task-specific stuff:
  • BeautifulSoup - if I'm parsing stuff. I really like this library
  • mechanize - if I'm writing tests on a web framework. Other than js weakness, it's quite nice
  • feedparser - for rss stuff
  • PIL - because image manipulation is no fun without it
What do you feel a well-dressed virtualenv should wear this season?

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