Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Agile And Beyond Party

Here is the table from Agile And Beyond last weekend. There are a few interesting features here. You can see the cool phones, the notebooks, the Agile In A Flash cards being shared on the table, and to the left of the diet coke is an Agile Otter business card.

I attended only two talks, and spent the rest of the time hanging out with my peers and having fun. The two talks were Mary Poppendieck's talk about where she sees post-agile going (a nice talk, btw, well given) and Dr. Michael Norton (docondev's) talk about technical debt.

I was ill-rested, over-caffeinated, and a little eager. I had motormouth, but it was still a great time )for me). I hope that Mike Hill, Tracy and Angela Harms, Matthew Weitzel, Patrick Wilson-Welsh, Michael Norton, Zachary Spencer, Nayan Hajratwala, Matt Barcomb, Jon Stahl, Bill Tozier, and all the rest (drop me a note if I forgot to mention you) all had as much fun as I did.

Best wishes to my colleagues on the other side of the lake!


  1. Tim:

    It was great to talk with you again. I wish I'd brought my copy of "Agile in a Flash" so you could sign each card. ;)

    - Doc

  2. You know, I've not signed many decks yet. I'm happy to do so, but have only signed the Chicago Python giveaway. Everyone else went home with theirs in shrinkwrap.

    Of course, I owe Corey Haines a signing. I just need to get back together with him. I would be happy to do such a small thing for you as well.