Monday, December 13, 2010

Where's Tim

I've been quite busy of late, partly with holiday season, partly with medical matters (wife's ankle surgery), partly with church, partly with Agile In A Flash, and partly with the series of articles Jeff and I are writing for PragProg.

Last month's PragProg article brought some good feedback and kind words from some of you and we're thankful. We have two more "big topic" articles to go (abstraction and volatility) and then we're back to the stories behind the AgileInAFlash cards (on pre-order via online outlets and expected in January). Please keep up with us there as well as here and at Agile In A Flash.

I'm looking at some new projects next year, hopefully some that pay and some that allow me to improve my chops on open source development. I don't foresee another book just yet, but some writing is definitely in the works.

The only other news is that I dived into Ruby for a little while, and will be chasing that down via the three books I now own. I'll likely be playing with IronPython and other CLR languages this coming year, and I still have to get some Javascript skills together.

It has been a great year, and I expect next year to be greater yet. Stay tuned.

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