Monday, December 14, 2009


An astute reader might notice that all my blogs are currently languishing. There are reasons for this, from my father's massive stroke to my continually-delayed house closing, to other crises in my family (biological and ecclesiastic) that have my attention though there is little I can do about any of these things.

Who knew that doing nothing and having nothing doable would be so taxing? That instead of neatly compartmentalizing things away as "to do later" and moving on, that one would be sapped of passion for work and learning and communicating? Still, this is how things are right now. As we move into Christmas time and the new year, I have little to advise in the way of agile practice and code cleaning right now.

On the other side of the bright and shining holidays and the various crises, I hope to have more to give you. I thank you for your patience.


We closed on the house on Dec 17, and have been moving over the holidays. There have been surprises and disappointments, but we're getting it done. It is consuming a lot of our lives, and especially my oldest son's winter break from college. Hardly what anyone had in mind.

My sister's family has been taking care of all of the arrangements and hard work regarding my dad and mom, and has them safely moved into care facilities according to each one's needs. Sadly, they can't be together yet, though dad is showing some improvement. He may never be self-sufficient again, but he is a man of many surprises and won't be counted out.

I hope to be back here soon, and have some new ideas for Agile In A Flash. February should see a big increase in my online activities.

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  1. Tim,

    The agile in a flash cards and the great info on naming that you have contributed is really appreciated. Best wishes and I have faith that you will come through the other side of this trial with your passion redoubled .