Sunday, October 5, 2008

Move from ObjectMentor

On Aug 4, 2008 I moved from Object Mentor where I was an Agile coach and mentor to various companies to Textura where I have been an internal coach and now am managing a team of developers. I realized that I need a new professional outlet now since I won't be filling up the pages of the Object Mentor blog.

My friends recommended that I start working on personal branding by starting up an individual pro blog outside of my work environment. I will be writing from myself, and not from the point of view of any employer. Welcome to the result of that.

Now I am working the agile transition from a whole different angle. Hopefully, this will be a great time of growth for me as well and I intend to blog my observations about agile practice as usual. I hope it will be a place where people can participate by giving me new observations, advice, and even possibly an occasional boot to the head.

Enjoy. We will cover many miles together.

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