Friday, August 23, 2019

My favorite Estimates and NoEstimates exchange so far.

From my point of view and involvement with #NoEstimates we consider the things where the price is unknowable and the desire to know the price interferes with our ability to make good decisions.
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Likewise, how much will you pay for electricity in the house you live in, all totaled up? Or my earlier grocery example. You don't consider those "buying a lifetime's supply" purchases, because they're ongoing maintenance costs. Hmmmmm........

The benefits of the food or the electricity Is available in tiny chunks, so to speak. The perception of a software project is that it brings no value until it is done. This is of course the whole point. Let’s re-imagine how software development is done.

This is the first calm, rational metaphor I’ve heard that starts to make sense for me. Most #noestimate folks just get angry and insulting. Thank you for the clarity!

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