Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Software Development as Buying-A-Thing Or Co-Creating?

"When will it all be completed" is a question that many people can't imagine not asking. 

"When will we start making money from this?" is maybe a better question. 
"Is this something worth investing more money and time in?" is maybe better.
But people are all hung up on software development as "buying a thing" instead of "growing a revenue stream" or "developing an audience of raving fans." 
If you're "buying a thing" then "what will it look like and when will it be done" seem like the reasonable questions.
It's a mindset thing. It's reinforced by myriad business practices and internal policies which limit the thinking to "buying a finished thing" and this keeps other ideas from taking root. 
"If I were buying a car," "if I were paying you to build a deck," etc.
So, maybe the brain-stretcher of the day: 
What if software development is nothing like buying a thing but is a partnership to build a new business endeavor? 
Custom software development can be an invitation to co-create a new product, service, or offering. It could be focused on creating a new customer base and revenue stream. It could be about working together to do good in the world. It could be something very different from "buying a thing." 

How would this change your mindset, your questions, your approach?

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