Monday, June 25, 2018

Agile In A Nutshell

I had answered a question on LinkedIn, after which a friend was kind enough to quote my answer on twitter with a kind recommendation.

I decided to reproduce that answer here. Enjoy!

The Post

"We have initial idea for a change but approach and end result is not clear.
The approach and overall requirement tend to change during the course of development." 

Congratulations! You are in exactly the standard circumstances for a truly agile approach! The secrets here are to be incremental (adding bits at a time, rather than coding to a designed end-point) and iterative (revisiting code to improve its design and function) using inspect-and-adapt.

The standard rule is "make it do something, however trivial, on day one; then keep it running at all times" and "add functionality in very thin end-to-end bits so that you don't have a big integration nightmare at the end."

Enemies of this approach are anything that makes it hard to iterate, increment, or integrate. If the document gets in the way, then drop it. If it helps, then use it. But remember that the primary measure of progress is working, tested code.

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