Friday, April 20, 2018

The world, joyfully shining from a desktop.

Sometimes this world gives me joy.

I take photos as I travel. I also try to take some time to see the world and take extra photos.  One day I realized that I could set my Mac to use random photos for the backgrounds. It seemed natural to create a folder called "backgrounds" on dropbox and use it. Over time I've moved a number of travel photos to that folder.

Today, as I was working I realized that my home office's three screens were showing NYC's Central Park, the view of Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat, and Colorado's Garden of the Gods.  As I was typing this, it changed to three more photos -- the pond in Central Park, a different view of Garden of the Gods, and the beautiful white cliffs of Dover in the UK overlooking the channel.

Through the day, when the backgrounds are not covered up in browser tabs, code editors, terminal windows, and social media apps, I can see my past adventures reflected in beautiful high-def.

I remember how much I love this world's beauty. It even distracts me from some of the ugliness and outrage-provoking I see in the course of my work and social media use.

I have to say to myself, "what a wonderful world" -- and I'm so lucky to have seen so much of it.

It's a dream that a runt of a kid from the Indiana farmlands with no particular skills or talents would have even considered possible. But he didn't know what he was capable of, or where it could take him. Probably still doesn't. But oh, what we've seen. Oh, where we've been.

This brings me joy. I pray it does you as well.

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