Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What is "enterprise"

Gathered answers: 

  1. A for-profit concern.
  2. Involving strangers (you can't know and care about 5000 people individually)
  3. Using low-cost "resources"
  4. Involving huge budgets
  5. Pyramiding
  6. Multisite, with considerable offshore work
  7. Having a long-entrenched industrial-age culture
  8. Using fungible "resources" so staffing can be "re-balanced" easily
  9. Having strong central control (seeming necessary when working with strangers?)
  10. Having many teams contributing parts which share an architecture
  11. Having many interdependent projects, with independent teams
  12. Having a strong identity/culture ("unchangeable self" fallacy)
  13. Having promises outstanding in the form of multiyear "roadmaps" 
  14. Essentially waterfall view of software 
  15. Law of 2nd floor -- nobody 2 levels above or below you knows what you really do for a living.
  16. Essentially addicted to using brute force (large numbers) to solve problems.
  17. Having complicated budgeting processes with slow multi-approval acquisition cycles.
What is your answer about what "enterprise" means or implies?

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This was discussed on Agile For Humans.

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