Friday, September 6, 2013

The new project...

It's been quiet on the blog lately, but not at home.

My nine-year-old nephew has come to spend a year with us, to take advantage of Libby's skill as a home schooler. He's also getting a crash course in family dynamics and nutrition.

This new project is just barely "off the ground" right now, as this was our first week together. It takes a fair amount of our attention as a group. I'm always split between professional and personal goings-on here, and Libby is 100% committed to helping James get oriented and to internalize the way things work here.

He's a good kid. Very outgoing, very talkative and very creative. He's further along academically than we were led to believe, and really likes adventures. He's a little less keen on adventures in nutrition, responsibility, and endurance in chores and projects. Sometimes the innerspace is harder to experience and explore than the external experiences.

He is looking forward to his first snowfall. We are too.

If things get quiet here, it's because they're not so quiet in the Otter house. It's a busy time.

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