Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Agile Genie

Let's pretend you have just come into possession of an software development genie. 

Let's also assume you are a team leader, or a manager of multiple teams. 

This genie is premium quality. His answers will be absolutely correct and appropriate for your use in your company, easily implementable, and guaranteed not to backfire. This is some great kind of genie!

You only get three questions, and the genie's offer will evaporate in a week.

What questions would you ask? 


  1. When working with colleagues who aren't motivated to try new things, like TDD and pairing, what are some tactics I can use to spark interest?

  2. David gets two more questions... consider them carefully my friend... ;-)

  3. How do we know, what we are building is the right thing?
    How do you align the business & IT together?
    How do you encompass project & service delivery in to a single work stream?