Monday, December 5, 2011

Join Fresh Start Week 2012

Soon we'll be on the other side of Christmas and starting a new year.

How about for the first week of January we try doing without copy-and-edit programming. What would happen if we were to write code off the top of our heads?

Don't just hand-type the example code you would have copied anyway, but try writing it as if the code you really wanted already existed.  How would you have liked to initialize that class? When you are writing a test, do the order of the parameters of that method make sense? Are you doing three- or four- or five-step operations that ought to be their own function? Is the method you need a member of the object where you would expect to find it? You can't find out by doing copy-and-edit programming.

Let's all try the grand experiment of not copying ANYTHING for the first work week of January. What could it teach us? What could it hurt?

The hashtag will be #freshstartweek.

See you there.

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