Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Not?

I have officially declared 2011 the year of "Why not?"

I don't mean "why not" in the sense of doing anything possible without thinking about it. I'm actually thinking it is a good year to ask why we can't do things, or why we won't do things, because it is interesting to understand the forces behind it.

Take personal development. Who among us has done all they planned to do regarding new tech, new languages, projects to start, products to build in the past year? Who would not have benefitted from reading a book, doing some kata, learning a new language, or writing something new? And yet we do not.

Let's refuse to commit the Fundamental Attribution Error here, and not say "because they don't care" or "because they're lazy."  A ton of information is available about improving a person's ability to program, or the number of platforms and tools they can program with, and yet most people don't reach beyond the level that is absolutely necessary for them to muddle through at work.

Why not?