Thursday, May 19, 2011

Get Back On Track

There are hard times, and things can pile up. Don't wallow. Don't spend time trying to feel better.  Try to get back on track.

  1. Things can get you down, so you need to borrow energy from others.  Try user groups, pairing, friends, fun programming exercises. 
  2. Quit thinking you should be able to do new things all alone.  Getting up to speed is always dicey, and best done with someone who is already up to speed. 
  3. If problems are short-term, like a flooded basement, broken lawnmower, minor health troubles, a child's academic crisis,  take time for them so you can get back on track sooner. Get it over with.
  4. If the problem is long-term, start building up the emotional muscle to deal with it, which means getting on with life despite the long-term trouble and trying to cope with whatever "long-term trouble" is going to mean.
  5. When you're not feeling particularly confident (ie depressed) don't get caught up in large meta-issues. Keep your focus on smaller things you can achieve. Build a quick triage rule to help determine what you can deal with right now.  Big issues will stop you dead in your tracks.
  6. Get UNSTUCK.
  7. Don't waste time, find new uses for it.

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