Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Agile Coaching Stories

This is your turn to brag, complain, and post observations.

If you were on an agile transition, it is likely that your company hired a coach.  The coach may have been awesome, may have been horrible, and may even have been me.  

I'm interested in your stories. Were you pleased? Disappointed? Did you learn things you didn't even know you needed to learn? What was the long-term impact on the coach your team, your skillset, or your company? 


  1. I was actually coached by a team. I was the pre-agile person when I joined, and they led me through TDD, planning, tracking, the whole game. I saw a lot of good function and we dealt together with small issues and problems.

    Long term, it shaped my career from that point onward. I am now your Agile Otter, a professional coach and gentleman blogger. They really helped me up my game.

  2. We did not hire any coach, and our agile transition has been most ineffectual. :|

  3. Hmmmm, hire? Pay money to train people how to do the job they are already doing? You are obviously not from the island... They just need to work more hours, sleep at their desk, and live for the company. Then when they are no longer needed and we lay them off, they can jump from the roof of their building in disgrace.

  4. I'm always tempted to try and write some stories here, but it really should be the coached, not the coaches. Anonymous posts are most welcome.