Monday, April 4, 2011

My OSS Software (inventory)

What I need to replace when I get the new machine:

Chrome, Firefox, Midori: Browsers - usually two or more open at one time.
gvim, git, svn, poor ole' cvs: Essentials for software dev, b/c I often have three or four bash sessions open.
Miro, Gpodder: audio and video subscribe/play - free video, audio, kept consistent.
FBReader, Calibre: ebook & magazine readers -- I need to move my ebook collection, too.
OpenShot, Arista transcoder, mencoder, Istanbul: video editing, transcoding, and screen capture
Inkscape, Gimp,  F-Spot:  svg drawing, image editing, image manager
OpenOffice: free office suite w/ word processor, drawing, spreadsheet, presentation
FreeMind: mind mapping
Skype, TeamViewer: remote pairing
Rhythmbox: music player and access to UbuntuOne DRM-free music store.
Eclipse: rare instances when I need to use an IDE (I don't do much Java).

Most of the stuff I do is with these.  I am surprised that it's such a short list, but programming is mostly in gvim, using python (pip, etc) or a little ruby, and some fun stuff in bash. Not as many apps as I thought.  An awful lot of what I do is "in the cloud" rather than local these days, and hopefully more if it will move that way.


  1. Use LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice :)

  2. I heard you on the having 2+ browsers open, especially now that Google doesn't let you have 2 different accounts open on the same browser... :/
    -Jason @ Inventory Software