Thursday, February 17, 2011

Agile Otter Receives Love

Here are a few of the recommendations I've received:
“Tim is the consummate software developer, with extensive knowledge and capability. I had the opportunity to pair with Tim many times over the course of year while at GeoLearning, and it was always the most enjoyable pairing session to look forward to. Tim is sharp, patient, knows how to explain things, and most importantly knows how to get things done. I'd pick Tim in a heartbeat for my "dream team" of developers.” J.L. February 1, 2011
“Tim deeply understands the fundamentals of agile, lean, and test-driven development and is able, like few others, to succinctly communicate their essentials in a practical, "this is how we're gonna do it" kind of way. Moreover, when reality and theory collide, Tim has the depth of understanding to help tweak and tailor practices and promote their implementation in way that meshes with an organization's existing culture/operations. If you want your development team(s) to improve what they do and how they do it then Tim's the guy for the job.” D.T. February 11, 2009
“It was a real pleasure working with Tim. His expertise in organizational dynamics with respect to software development is such that i would hesitate to put him in the same category as any other normal manager of software teams. This is to say that as a consultant viewing organizations from the outside, he got a close-up view of the ways that organizations can change, and the ways they can't, and it was always interesting to hear his take on things when we asked him how we could approach our process to improve it. Tim was also a spot-on developer. He created a bunch of testing frameworks that we used and built upon (and still use years after he moved on). There were some intricacies of these frameworks (especially Fitnesse) and it was incredibly handy to have him around to debug and decipher. I would enjoy working with Tim again and would consider him an asset to any organization that has him.” K.R. April 22, 2010
“Tim was brought in to coach our team through our agile transition. He worked with us in the ways we needed, and he always focused on our current state as much as where he wanted us to go. Tim adapted his approach daily based on our feedback, and when we ran out of questions, he would push us to the next level with a new idea.” K.S. October 1, 2007
 I thank you for the kind words. The Linked-in recommendations are always appreciated and always useful.  Hopefully we can add in a few recommendations for the books as well.

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