Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Survey Frustrations

Via AgileVoices, I found a a survey that asks all the wrong questions.

On the first page, it asked me for my role in the agile team. I selected "other" and typed "member", since the other options segregated roles is a pre-agile way.

The next page was all about whether my agile project was a success. Of course success is defined as being free from requirements changes, on budget, and on schedule. I didn't go any further.

If we try to measure our agile projects by waterfall standards, I think we'll find them all to be pretty poor waterfall projects by the same sense that my son's dog is a very poor water dragon and his water dragon is a pretty lousy dog.

The whole point of agile is not to commit to a set of unchanging requirements up front, but to deliver a useful product at the end. The point is that we all work together according to our strengths and the need of the hour, not that we segregate by roles and tasks.

I'm simply disgusted. This is 2010, and we are so clueless?

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