Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Avoiding Negative Tim

It's not just a good idea for you, it's a better idea for me.

I admit to being a little run down from my last nine days of activity (college for son, travel, etc) and also have other stresses, but I was feeling the negative yesterday. I don't like that feeling. I could have been enjoying all the agile peeps at Agile 2009, but instead was fretting about vendors selling agile-in-a-box and various dysfunctions in the Customer space (see previous blog).

I admit that dysfunctions fascinate me, and I can spend too much time with the magnifying glass over my eye. CS Lewis said that he was not a pleasant man when writing "The Screwtape Letters" because he was in the head of his antihero demons for too much of the time. I think I can also spend too much time fretting about dysfunction.

Odd, that. Here I am surrounded by the people who do agile well, and fretting about those who do not.

I stayed up with Brandon, Joe, Bonnie, &all last night too late, but this morning am so aware that I'm among peers. I am hoping to give "negative tim" the slip and get into some fun conversations with functioning agilists.

Wish me luck.

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