Monday, August 31, 2009

Agile is a Management Trick

I'm planning four blogs this month to be part of a suite of "tricks". This little blog will act as the placeholder for links to all four of them.

  • Agile is a management trick to exert more control over development.

  • Agile is a customer trick to make development do what they want.

  • Agile is a ploy by QA to take control of the development process.

  • Agile is a programmer trick to manage their workload.

Historically, none is strictly true. But I think they're all true. I will welcome your feedback, as always.


  1. "Paranoia runs deep..."


  2. Agile is consulting trick to get gullible clients to think you can help them develop better software with silly things like pairing and tdd

    Agile is a trainers trick to convince students that they can be a certified master after 3 days of training

  3. I'm trying to use Agile as a developer trick to get more interaction with my product management, customers and QA: I'm openly inviting them to take a greater stake and more control! (Although I want to stay in complete control of implementation decisions and developer practices).