Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anti-IF Campaign

I have joined Anti-IF Campaign


  1. My Anti-virus won't let me follow the link. It (Avast) claims it sees a Trojan attack at that site.

  2. Bizarre. I have no trouble clicking over and back, but I don't have your anti-virus. Maybe the anti-if guys or your antivirus guys need to take a closer look at this!

  3. I found other blogs that discussed this concept and got the basic idea anyway.

    We kicked the idea around at work and decided that it is largely impractical for our applications, rather like replacing while loops with recursive function calls. The source code looks pretty that way, but at run time it is a disaster. (Stack overflows, terrifyingly slow execution, etc.)

    But thanks for bringing the concept to my attention.

  4. We killed a bunch of them today. Some long methods became very small and clear. Of course copious unit tests helped us measure impact. We also removed duplication , worthless comments, and a minor case of tuple madness,

    I feel all good about it. My pair partner has chops. My team has chops. Everything gets smaller, cleaner, more obvious, and better tested each day.

    Those if statements just melt away.