Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Web Cams

People told me that eventually Linux would bite me in the butt. I went a long time without that being true, or never being true in any serious way. I figured when it happened it would be something to do with drivers for some device.

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex is the version that does the biting, and where it bites is the webcam.

Normally a webcam is nothing. If you're not doing a home "web cam show" or something, who cares? But now that I'm working from home, it matters quite a bit. I like to be able to see my partners sometimes and participate in meetings a little better. When audio is weak, reading lips a bit helps. But no.

Intrepid doesn't do webcams well. Especially Logitech QuickCam Chat models. Nobody has support for it.

I'm not rethinking Linux, but I'm rethinking Ubuntu. Maybe I need to go to Debian Testing and see if that works. Linux has many distributions, and their problems don't always overlap. Perhaps another choice will work better for me. I just hate to back up my computer and start over again. Maybe on the weekend.

In the meantime, I have ibex toothmarks on my behind.

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